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1、 Precautions during pulling out and pushing: 1 / 4 drawer and 1 / 2 Drawer (black):
When pushing the drawer inward, before pushing the drawer forward, put the drawer flat, push it back and forth on the slide rail for a few times, confirm that it has fallen into the slot, and then push it forward. (if there is no slot, it will be difficult to pull out the drawer after pushing it forward. Because the inlaid partitions on both sides of the drawer block the cabinet frame and cannot be pulled out, the partitions and primary plug-ins on both sides of the drawer will be damaged)
Treatment method:
1. Pull out the upper and lower drawers, press the clamping point of the mosaic plate through the gap with a long screwdriver, and then pull it out. If it is pulled out hard, it will inevitably lead to the damage of the drawer frame.
Since both the upper and lower drawers are inevitably running during startup or normal operation, it may not be allowed to pull out the drawer, so it is troublesome to deal with it. Therefore, pay attention to the application of this method during power transmission, so as to be in a hurry but not in a hurry. Operate according to the normal sequence, reduce the failure time and avoid affecting the production
2. When pushing the drawer, push it with a force of 2 to 3 pounds when it is about 15cm away from the closing position. Never push the whole stroke of the drawer, which is very easy to damage the drawer; If the force is too small, it is not easy to push in place.
3、在抽屉推进后的操作顺序:旋转旋钮(黑色)到试验位置 按绿色启动按钮启动(如接触器吸合,运行指示灯亮,说明完好) 然后按住旋钮(垂直旋钮轴心微用力直接旋转到运行位置,旋钮的红线是垂直方向);
3. Operation sequence after the drawer is pushed: rotate the knob (black) to the test position, press the green start button to start (if the contactor is closed, the operation indicator light is on, indicating that it is intact), and then press and hold the knob (the vertical knob axis rotates directly to the operation position with slight force, and the red line of the knob is the vertical direction);
如果不用力按住旋钮,将会撑坏按钮,导致无法送电;打旋钮送电时,有时会出现难以旋动, 此时要检查抽屉是否旋转到位。外观看,抽屉框架与柜体框架是否合缝,即使有小小的12MM的距离都不行。
If you don't press and hold the knob hard, the button will be broken, resulting in failure of power transmission; When turning the knob to send power, it is sometimes difficult to rotate. At this time, check whether the drawer rotates in place. From the outside, check whether the drawer frame and cabinet frame are jointed, even if there is a small distance of 1 to 2mm.
2、 Large drawer
1. The above 2 and 3 are also the points of attention.
2. When pushing, try pulling a few times, because the secondary plug and primary main plug behind the drawer are not properly connected with the frame matrix (pay attention when replacing the drawer due to failure, because the types of connectors behind these drawers are different).
3. Sometimes when the drawer cannot be pulled out, it should be lifted up slightly and then pulled out (of course, at the same time). For example, the drawer at the upper end of the frame is difficult to pull out because this point is often ignored.
4. The operation of secondary knob is the same as that of 1 / 4 drawer and 1 / 2 Drawer 3. Remember that only when the secondary knob reaches the operating position can the knob of the primary switch be pushed to the operating position, otherwise the knob of the primary switch will be damaged and power will not be supplied.
5. The drawer can't be opened, mainly because the knob can't rotate.
This is the most important problem. Suppose the worst case: at this time, the drawer is often closed and in fault, and the production is eager to restore power transmission and open.
(1) in terms of cognition, don't be too superstitious about the indicated position of the knob, because it is only a mechanical chain after all. By constantly rotating the two knob positions (remote control, local knob; and main switch knob), its position can be slightly deviated, and then try to open it. Generally, there is no problem in opening it.
(2) if the drawer cannot be opened and the production is in a hurry.
The operation steps of fast reset and power transmission:
a: There is a small hole next to the remote and local knob (lower right). Use a small screwdriver to extend into the small hole and press the baffle down.
b: There is a small hole on the left side of one-time closing. Similarly, use another small screwdriver to push it in and open it.
c: Unlock with two screwdrivers at the same time and open the drawer door.
d: Manually adjust the connecting rod in front of the primary switch (sometimes it can't be opened because the connecting rod is stuck) to disconnect the main switch.
e: Then confirm whether the mechanical connecting rod under the main switch has been released in place. If not, move it.
f: Unscrew the secondary switch button to the safe extraction position
g: Draw out the drawer, reset it and restore power transmission.
h: Only when the primary switch and the secondary switch are engaged in place, the drawer can be pulled freely and the switch can rotate smoothly.
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